Are You Trying To Remember Who You Are Or Where You’re From? Some Guidance For Those Who Are Seeking.

Hello my Brothers and Sisters! I have decided to write this article because I have seen many asking for help to remember who they are and where they come from. My Brothers and Sisters, I have felt your longing to remember… I wish to reach out to you… But, there are so many of you that are longing to remember… I felt that I had to think of the best and quickest way to help you all. That is when I decided that this article would be the best and quickest way to do this. I have received messages from some of those who are seeking, privately, and though I am always more than happy to help any who come to me and will continue to do so… I would like to share an observation of something I noticed quite a few of them had in common. The reason I wish to share this with you is that there may be others out there who are feeling this way and I hope that by sharing this, it will help them too. My observation is that I have noticed that some of them have not looked beyond the characteristics of the different races. They feel like they’re stuck because they can to relate to some of the characteristics of multiple races. But, they do not seem to realize that there are many avenues of information available to them, which contain clues that will help them to remember. All they need do is look and see that their path, in reality, is not blocked and that there are many paths open for them to take. Then they must choose to take this journey. You see, my Brothers and Sisters, the answers you seek are inside of you. You know the answers already, you only need to remember what they are. And you will remember, it is only a matter of time! There are also many clues available for you to discover which can serve to help you to remember. I believe that only you can know who you are, no one else can tell you this. That is not to say that others can not tell who you are… But, I believe it is part of the awakening and remembering processes for one to discover this themselves. Because in that moment of knowing who you are and remembering where you come from, you gain other information and insights. It is a very important and beautiful moment. You are fully capable of remembering this! You must trust in yourself and in knowing that you already know the answers. But, just because you must remember this on your own, does not mean that you can not receive help, you can! And that is my goal in writing this article to you! To help you to decide the next step you wish to take on your journey to remember.

Before I expand upon one of my previous points, please allow me to suggest to you that you may wish to become familiar with your intuition. Your intuition feels differently than all of the other energy, vibrations and any other information you are receiving from an outside source. When you learn to use your intuition, if you have not already learned this, it will serve you well along your journey and, indeed, your life. It will do this by serving as a guide to you as you travel along your path. Your intuition will never lie to you and it can help you to determine whether something feels right or wrong. This skill will aid you in uncovering the truth as you start to remember.

I have already pointed out that there are other avenues of information available to you, but what are some of these other avenues? Well, beyond the characteristics of each race, you could read about the different planets that these beings come from. What is the environment like there? What does it look like? Seeking in this way, you may discover clues. Something may spark your memory. You might find something that feels familiar to you, something you remember. You can also look at pictures of the planetary systems that these planets reside in. Are you drawn to one more than another? Take the time to explore all of the possibilities of all of the information you come across and all that it allows you to learn from it. In doing so, you will explore every avenue available to you, thus, you will be sure not to overlook any clues that are available to you that may serve to help you to remember. You will learn much! Take the time to meditate on these things.

You may find that when you start to remember, the remembering may come in bits and pieces. My Brothers and Sisters, please know that this is perfectly normal. And know, also, that each piece of the puzzle you collect, however small, will come together to form the larger picture for you. Much like rain drops collect to form a larger body of water… And, it will be quite an experience indeed for you when you have put all of the pieces together! What a wonderful moment you have to look forward to! As, again, it is only a matter of time before you remember, you already know the answers! You may also consider other such things as what the beings on those planets look like… Perhaps you feel you may look that way? Or maybe you remember seeing something that looked that way… What dimension do you feel like you come from? What feels right? There are many possibilities to consider. You can also try to remember other aspects about yourself. What is your name? What did you come here to do? What are you drawn to? What are your natural abilities and talents? And you can seek other avenues far beyond what I have discussed here! Follow your heart and your intuition my Brothers and Sisters, if you feel stuck going down one avenue, do not allow this to prevent you from continuing along your path, for now you know that there are many other avenues which are open to you. In continuing on, you may find later that where you previously felt stuck before, has now become open to you to travel further down, and you can choose to resume this path at that time, if this is what you wish. All things will come to you in their right time, when you are ready to receive that information, it will become available to you. Seek beyond what we discuss in this article, my Brother and Sisters, and always continue to walk your path! For it is in continuing to walk your path that you gain all of your knowledge. And, of course, the more knowledge you gain will serve to aid in your progression!

Now that we have discussed that there are many paths open for you to walk, how to gain knowledge from them, and how to discover the clues which will help you to remember… I have compiled some research together to share with you. This will serve as an example and a starting point for you. And, surely, some of you may remember something. But, for all of you, it should help to give you some idea of which direction you’d like to explore. The links to all of the sources for this information, shall be at the bottom of this article for those of you who wish to explore them further. Please be aware that though I am trying to make this list as complete as possible, I will not have a complete list of all of the many races or planets, etc… So, if there are those of you who do not connect to the information that I am about to share, do not lose hope! You will find what you are looking for! And this article has, hopefully, given you an idea of how you can start exploring different pieces of information available to help you to remember. In other words, hopefully the tools you have discovered within this article will help you to seek out the information that is available for you. Now, let us get to our examples…

Galactic Races

In this section of our example, I have compiled a list of different Galactic Races along with (in some cases) multiple summaries of each one. The reason I have included multiple summaries for some of these is to show you that in some cases there are multiple different descriptions of the same beings. There are a few reasons that I have pointed this out… One, to show why it is important to explore things thoroughly and to always listen to your intuition when you are trying to determine if something feels right. To show you that different people have different interpretations of what they experience. Though, it is logical to also take into account that there may be multiple different races and species residing on the same planet. You may very well find that you identify with one description and not the others. Could you be a hybrid? Or maybe certain Galactic Races have some of the same things in common? Here, I am giving you an example of how you can examine each piece of information in multiple ways. In doing this, you allow yourself to learn all that you can from that piece of information. Quite simply, you consider all of the possibilities. These descriptions are as follows…

Altairians – Reptilian ( have seen them described as humanoid/reptilian) species that is associated with the Constellation Aquila, in the Altair solar system. Almost romantic descriptions have been given, they are nomads among the stars, friends to some species of  Nordics, Greys Other planetary military (including ours) and actually help defend Draconians. Also league with The Ashtar Command.

Amphibians – Similar to the Saurians or Reptiloids, yet being hominoid creatures with reptilian AS WELL AS amphibian-like features and are semi-aquatic in nature. May have once lived on land, yet became more aquatic over the centuries. ‘They’ have been encountered near swampy regions, rivers, etc.

Anakim – Referred to in ancient Hebrew tradition, this race is allegedly tied-in with a branch of ancient humans who broke-off from mainstream humanity because of their vast size which had developed over the centuries, possibly as a result of a genetic anomaly. They are said to range anywhere from 9-11 ft. and in some cases even 12 ft. in height, although in configuration they are remarkably similar to ‘International’ humans. Are said to possess a means of molecular condensing and expansion which allows some of their kind to mingle among humans on the surface. They have allegedly been encountered in deep and extensive cavern systems below the western part of North America, as far north as Alaska, as far south as Mexico, and as far east as Texas. They are believed to have interstellar traveling capabilities.

Andromedans – (Description 1) Physical Appearance: Body shape same as human. Build slight (less muscular than humans).  Height 5 – 7 ft. Hair color varying shades of blonde to light brown. Eyes same size and shape as humans. Eye color ranges from turquoise blue to light green. They have head hair, eyelashes and eyebrows but no body hair.

Societal and Social Structure: Very similar to Pleiadian structures. Very much built on a sense of community and oneness. Rather than cities, Andromeda itself has ‘villages’. Transport is teleportation or small above-ground craft. Dwellings and buildings tend to be circular or ovoid in shape (no sharp angles, similar to Pleiadian architecture). All construction materials are organic-based, natural fibre or crystaline in nature (hard to explain without the correct terms). People live in small to large family groups, but community activities are important. All are considered ‘family’ including those not of Andromedan origin. Work is done by those with the expertise and with a passion for the work, and all assume a task to ensure everything runs smoothly. There is trade and a barter system rather than currency.

There is no political structure per se, but rather a council of wise elders which guides each planet within the Andromedan system and whom work together by consensus.

Children are conceived the same way as on earth. Gestation is normally 9 months but can be accelerated using technology available. Birth is without trauma or pain thanks to healing technology (sorry, can’t translate that to earth yet!). Children are raised with the understanding that all of the community are family and they can expect support, advice or guidance from anyone. Education begins from birth and extends to the equivalent of the earthly age of 30. Lifespans average about 800 earth years.

Many Andromedans are gifted crafts people, musicians and sculptors. Traditional sculpture consists mainly of ‘light sculptures’ using certain technology to ‘bend’ light waves which is then enhanced with colors and intensity. Sculptures can be programmed with music and sound which is pleasing to the viewer. Some are large enough to walk through and interact with. (I was going to say they are very good with their hands…..)

Andromedans are very musical and often have wonderful singing voices. They can play any instrument you give them and they have some very talented composers. Composition is spontaneous and no two pieces of music are the same.Andromeda’s sky has a purplish hue. The greens are more vibrant than on earth (a different expression of the colour spectrum). They have a common tree there that is scarlet and is very beautiful. At times they have an atmospheric phenomena similar to the aurora borealis where there is a display of rainbow colors in the sky. The planet Andromeda has oceans, but they do not cover as much area as on earth. There are some lakes too. The villages are surrounded by forests and some cultivated land. There is no measuring of time there, except by the seasons which are similar to earth but without the extremes.

Like the Pleiadian people, Andromedans are explorers and have long been traveling to earth, first in space craft, then by teleportation and communication through channeling and telepathy. They did at one time have bases on earth during the age of Atlantis.

Diet is vegetarian, and almost all food is grown on the different worlds within the system or traded for.

Communication is telepathic and empathic, but music and sculpture could be described as a communication for Andromedans too.

As a people they are very fun-loving. They like to balance work with lots of relaxation and play. Entertainment is a big factor for them too. They are very loving, giving and gentle people.

(Description 2 – *Note, Link has info on Starseeds) Place of Origin: These are our galactic neighbors, only 2.5 million light years away.

Dimensional Perspectives: Exist from 3D on up to 12D

Appearance: There are many types of Andromedans, just as there are many different beings in our Milky Way Galaxy. Three types of Andromedans have telepathically contacted me. One is from a race of 4-5D humans that have a similar features to us, but I see them as bald. Some may even have elongated cone heads. Another, was from a race of 4D 3-4’ blue skinned humanoids with bald round heads and dark eyes, and the other is of a master race of at least 7-9’ winged humanoids existing in higher dimensions. These may have their origin with the Avian races.

Involvement with Earth: The winged beings have been involved with Earth since our first life formed and with humans at various stages of our development. It may be that the Sumerian winged beings depicted on their reliefs are Andromedans.  They say they have been invited by the Guardian Archangels of Earth to participate in our progression and that they come to our solar system on the wings of the Archangels who are the gatekeepers to Earth. Perhaps the depictions of archangels are actually images of the winged Andromedans coming as they came into our world and were thought to be the angels themselves.

Guide for Humanity: Andon (ambassador of the winged race of Andromedans)

(Description 3) The andromedan humanoid comes from the constellation of Andromeda. To name 2 of this famous planets in Andromeda are Sirrai and Drosnaman.

An andromedan has black-brown, to black hair, dark brown, black-brown to black eyes and their skin varies from pale to tan. The men are slim and athletic muscular muilt and their height rages from 5 feet and 7 inches (175 cm) to 6 feet and 1 inches (187 cm) The andromedan women are slim and their height rages from 5 feet and 3 inches (163 cm) to 5 feet and 9 inches (180 cm) The andromedan has similar looks to the Asian people like we have here on earth, such as Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Philippines, Vietnamese etc. You could not see the difference between an andromedan and the Asians here on earth if you do not know where to look after the differences.

(Description 4) These are a non-physical race of purely awesome ancient angelic beings from the Andromeda galaxy. They ultimately are the spiritual force behind the Ashtar command and are the leaders behind the Pleiadians and our whole human branch of evolution! Not only that, but they are the guiding power behind at least one other completely different branch of evolution: The Cygnusian races – quiet, slimy, amphibian like creatures who come from planets in the constellation Cygnus. Again, the way the Andromeda galaxy beings are helping the beings in our own Milky Way galaxy grow, is a macrocosmic example of how the Pleiadians civilization is helping our Earth civilization grow.

(Description 5) The Andromedan are an ancient and benevolent race of incredible beings. The ways of these masters has brought their entire race into a state of enlightenment and live within perfect harmony with the natural universe. The Andromedans live outside the confides of time, have technology to create most anything, and are dedicated to helping all beings reach their true state of fulfillment and peace. However, the Andromedans are sworn to not interfere with the lives and consciousness of other beings, allowing all to use their own power, learning and evolution to bring them to greater understanding.

(Description 6) Are noted for their mastery of all forms of scientific endeavor. They have no military. Everything that they create technologically is used for the advancement of their race or for educational purposes BUT could be used defensively if needed. There is no financial system because the people are given what they need. They were accepted into the Galactic Federation 3.5 million years ago.

There are 3 main types of humanoids one is the Nordic type with blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. A second group has light to dark brown hair, gray to brown eyes, tanned-looking skin. The third group is Oriental looking with dark hair, dark Asian eyes and a skin color that varies from very pale brown to a dark shade of brown and blue skin. The eyes of all Andromedans are slightly larger than ours. The lips are thin light pink, while the ears are fitted slightly lower on the side of the head and are smaller. The hands and the feet are delicate with long fingers and toes. They are 5 to 7 feet. There are 3 sexes male, female and androgynous. They sleep about 2 hours a day. Andromedans consider themselves physical, emotional and spiritual healers. Historically they have intervened in the ancient past to help resolve very serious conflicts in our area of the universe. They teach how you can integrate belief systems and emotion to create harmony and balance. As a group they help raise the overall levels of consciousness. They are from the 5th dimension. Music created by Andromedans is done as they travel. They record the sounds and sights of solar systems holographically or planets individually. Then they take the sound patterns of different celestial bodies and blend them with other planets, suns or galaxies.

Andromeda ships range from their traditional sombrero-shaped scout ships measuring 50 to 65 feet and small command ships. The Mother ship can be 100 mile sphere and on the inside a complete world unto itself. Any physical body that is 29 miles or larger has a gravitational field. They have gravity on the Andromeda craft and carry an internal ecosphere to feed the crew. They set up an “Eden” on earth and left a team to research plant life, geology and minerals. They literally dropped 12 cylindrical antennas into the ground a mile deep and flip them on to create a frequency dome. In the dome they unload plants, fruit trees and everything they need to match their physical needs even oxygen and carbon. Their biosphere is like the home planet.

(Description 7) Hailing from the Andromeda Galaxy these beautiful light beings (who are sometimes described as light blue) have no physical bodies and stand 8 feet to 10 feet tall. They are often described as “angelic.” They are believed to be seekers of Truth who are very concerned with the New World Order and its threatening role in the collapse of human civilization. They are advanced higher inter-dimensional beings who work with the Arcturians in their effort to facilitate the planetary ascension process of Earth. They are specialists in light technology and processes through which thought can heal the physical body.

Arcturians – (Description 1) Primarily 4th and 5th dimensional beings. 4th dimensional beings are slender and androgynous in appearance with large almond shaped eyes. The 5th dimensional aspect cannot be defined as the 5th dimension is a formless expression of consciousness. The Arcturians are a highly evolved spiritually advanced civilization which specialize in emotional and spiritual healing.

(Description 2)  The Arcturians originate from a crystal blue planet orbiting the star Arcturus. Arcturus is a red super-giant located in the constellation Bootes. Arcturus is also the brightest star in that constellation and it lies 36 light years from Earth. The “handle” of the big dipper points to the bright star Arcturus.

Arcturians are the most advanced 5th Dimensional beings in this galaxy. They operate under 5th density mostly. They give us an idea of what our future will be like. They are to us, spiritual, mental, and emotional healers for all of humanity. They believe love is the primary element of life in the 5th density. Their ships are the most advanced in this free-will universe. We have not been hosts to a violent extraterrestrial attack here on Earth because most civilizations fear the advanced Arcturian ships. The Arcturian civilizations are governed by ‘elders’ who are the wisest and highest in the spiritual ladder. Arcturians range from 3 to 4 feet tall and are generally slim. The Arcturians have a greenish hue about their skin and have very pronounced, almond shaped eyes. They have the ability to move objects with their minds and are highly telepathic. Their hands, unlike human hands, have only 3 digits. They have brown and sometimes black eyes, but they rarely use them, they see telepathically. They can live to the age of 350 or even 400 years. They age slowly and do not fall prey to sickness, this was eradicated long, long ago. In the Arcturian civilizations, professions and life’s paths are chosen by one’s spirituality level. This is used to decide which female is suited to give birth. The birth process is unlike that of ours, it consists of a female and male mentally bonding and thus a clone of the bond is produced as a result. Arcturus evolution is based on teachings of spirituality, and thus as one evolves, one becomes more spiritual, if one fails to reach his allotted goal, that individual is then tutored more so the individual can succeed. The arcturians ingest energy instead of eating like us. They also live off little sleep, they rest only once a week. They can also ingest knowledge therefore they can intellectually advance faster than any human. They are here on Earth on a mission to educate humans and help us cross over to the 4th.

(Description 3 –…)

(Description 4) Arcturians are multi-dimensional beings of light who originate from the planet Arcturius. Arcturius is the brightest Star in the Bootees constellation it is also known as the Shepherd. Arcturians act as the guardians of humanity and their ships are the most advanced in the universe. These magnificent crystal beings have unlimited understanding of human genetics and are capable of healing many diseases suffered by humanity they work as spiritual,mental and emotional healers for mankind. They can be called upon for healing and will often take the person who has asked into their healing chambers on board their lightships during their dream state. Miraculous healing can result from working with them so do not be afraid to call upon them. Edgar Cayce(the sleeping profit)referred to them as the most advanced civilization in our universe. Arcturus is also home to the most ascended beings known as the white Brotherhood of light and it’s master is Sananda also known as Jesus on the earth plane. The Arcturians are known as keepers of the stargate this stargate is the stargate into the higher dimension of the 5th dimension and way beyond. The Arcturians work with Sacred Geometry and high vibrational color. They also have their own language which is known as the language of light. The Arcturians all live as one there is no conflict, no secrets it is a place of higher learning of the divine laws. Arcturians may appear as pure light or as angels for this is easier for most to accept but many encounters with angels can often be encounters with Arcturians. The Arcturians are similar in appearance to humans but much taller they have 2 eyes a mouth and nose their skin is much paler almost luminescent their eyes are much larger than our own and are various shades of the color violet from a very pale violet to very dark. They communicate telepathically and are able to teleport themselves with their minds anywhere. They are highly advanced consciousness and have created technologies we could only dream about. They are beings of unconditional love. The Arcturians are one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy working in the 5th dimension and beyond. They teach that the most important thing for living in the 5th dimension is love and trust there is no reason for negativity, fear and guilt these emotions must be overcome and exchanged for love. They are the most loving non judgmental beings imaginable and they act as the guardians and protectors helping to raise our vibrations assisting us on our journey to ascension.

(Description 5) Appearance: Arcturians are humanoid, but have different features than us. I see the 6D Arcturians as tall white glowing figures with angled and intense eyes. These Arcturians may be what have been termed Tall Whites. Others who have contact with lower dimensional 4D forms describe them as short with more wider faces and stature. These could be a different race of Arcturians.

Evolution: Not yet aware of Arcturian evolution, other than they evolved to become a highly spiritual species and are considered to be among the most technically advanced in the galaxy. They may actually have come from Andromeda originally.

Qualities: Precise intellect, telepathic, alchemists, analytical, scientific, reserved, deep structured thinkers, code breakers, mathematical, healers, inter-dimensional travelers.

Abilities: Experts in use of geometry, color and sound vibrations for altering time, space, atmosphere, and states of being. Energetic alchemist, architects, builders and healers. They see beneath the surface of things and use precise methods to create and alter environments including the health of a vessel.

Specialties: Using sacred geometry to move through space and time and shift realities. Their methods of inter-dimensional travel and communications are used throughout the universe. They are also called upon to create geometrical sound and color forms to alter or transmit to developing worlds. Arcturians are often the master minds behind the crop circle signatures. They create amazing ships of light that can traverse many dimensions and are sought after.

(Description 6) Physical Appearance: Arcturians are a highly sentient mammaloid species that closely resemble a horse. The body is rather tall and slender with a somewhat stylized horse’s head. The skin ranges in color from a vanilla shade to a very dark brown. Arcturians possess a mane on the back of the neck and head and an extremely thin tail that is only slightly reminiscent of that of a horse.

The hands end in 4 fingers that are very long, supple and extremely thin. The arms, legs and body have a very muscular appearance. The Arcturian’s eyes are much bigger than those of Earth humans and are either pale blue or dark brown in color. The ears somewhat correspond to those of a horse, but they are smaller and more rounded than those of their earthly counterparts.

In size, Arcturian males range in height from 7 feet to almost 8 feet 6 inches (2.31 to 2.64 meters). Females vary from just below 7 feet to about 8 feet 2 inches (2.11 to 2.49 meters) tall.

Special Traits and Abilities: In the Galactic Federation, Arcturians are noted for their mastery of time (galactic calendars, etcetera) and their exceptional abilities in science and philosophy.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: Usually 1 to 3 hours daily.

Language: Arcturians speak a tonal language that sounds similar to Chinese or Vietnamese.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Arcturian ships range from a diving bell-shaped scout ship that varies from about 40 to 75 feet (12.2 to 22.9 meters) in diameter, to a lens-shaped planetary command mother ship that is over 14 miles (22.5 kilometers) in length.

There is a 11th Dimensional Arcturian group, call them those related to the Oversoul of the Arcturian race. Some (by example former Joshua Stone of the I AM University) called them the Elders and gave them a description as if they have wings. In my humble opinion these are not wings but more circles of light.

The 5th D Arcturians are blue skinned, do have big almond eyes and do not have hair. They belong to a group mentality, however can act as a individual. They are highly analytical but their analyses are fully integrated with the highest order of what is for them emotionality…en-lightened-love.. They are healers but different in one way than the doctors of Andromeda.

Avians – (Link has Starseed info) Place of Origin: These beings originally came from another universe. They are now found throughout this universe.

Dimensional Perspectives: Exist from 3D on up to 12D

Appearance: Large birds in many varieties and some human bird hybrids

Evolution: In this universe they evolved billions of years ago from small birds on 3D planets with little land mass. They evolved huge diversity of color, size, and adaptations. Eventually they developed an expanded consciousness because of their ability to see a big picture of their world. Their sentience came from their visionary perspective and ability to move via thought. They found themselves able to teleport and soar in their minds to other lands and then planets. This expanded their reach and they found themselves inhabiting new worlds. Later avian species were genetically mixed with humans, as this was an experimental trend in this universe. Birds of Earth are a gift from the higher dimensional Avian beings to help regulate our electromagnetic atmosphere.

Qualities: Visionary, precognitive, teleporters, uplifting, way showers, expansive, freedom lovers, keen intelligence and multidimensional sight, industrious, efficient, excellent observers.

Abilities: Bright intelligence that sees from angles that no other can. Can uplift any situation and take it to new levels of thought. Easily raise vibrations. Free thinkers and feelers that are not bound by confines of group consciousness. Have a memory that holds the essence of everything they encounter.

Specialties: Higher dimensional forms are often called upon for their natural higher perspective and to raise the bar in any situation. They can be many places at once and usually send only an energetic form of themselves around the universe for consultations. Less evolved Avians remain on their home planet and evolve their abilities in their own unique ways.

Basic Needs: Freedom and Honor. Do not try to confine a sentient avian being. They honor all life and expect to be honored as well. Focus: Expanding frontiers of thought and creation. Raising frequency and taking situations and ideas to higher levels of knowing.

Involvement with Earth: Seeded bird species on Earth following the end of the Dinosaurs’ reign. Higher dimensional avian beings have dropped in on Earth civilizations to help enlighten to new perspectives, usually through communications with advanced masters or high priests and shamans.

Guide for Humanity: Thoth (12D ambassador collective)

Bellatricians – (Description 1) Physical Appearance: Very scaly and bony. Upper head is surrounded by large bony crest. Large red or dull yellow eyes (that resemble those of Earth’s reptiles) are set forward just above, and to either side of, very small nose. Mouth has thin lips that run from one side of head to the other. Ears are non-existent: only sign of them is extra-smooth, 3-inch (7.62 cm) circle on either side of head and just behind eyes. Skin is scaly like a crocodile, and green, yellow, brown or red in color. Small bony crest runs up middle of the back and is connected to larger crest found on top of head.

Being is bi-pedal. Thin hand has six long, clawed fingers. Feet have five toes ending in small, very sharp, claws. Very small tail, thick like a crocodile’s, extends only to the feet. Male is shorter than female. Males range in height from 8 to 10 feet (2.44 to 3 meters): females are 8.5 to 10.25 feet (2.6 to 3.12 meters) tall.

Special Traits and Abilities: Noted for great diplomatic and leadership skills. In charge, for past six million years, of all the former Alliance’s forces for this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: 5 to 8 hours.

Language: Very coarse and guttural; filled with deep growling and hissing noises.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Scout craft look like dew drops and like beetles; they vary from 100 to 400 feet ( 30.5 to 122 meters) in length. Mother ships range from 1 to 400 miles (1.6 to 640 Kilometers) long and look like large tadpoles.

(Description 2) Are a dinosaurian/reptilian hybrid and former members of the Anchara Alliance or League of Orion acting as the chief administrators for the Draco Empire for the past six million years for this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. In 1995 they signed the Treaty of Anchara and became members of the Galactic Federation around 2005. The Bellatricians migrated from the Constellation of Sagittarius about 25 million years ago.

There body has a luminescent quality of multicolored is scaly and bony. Their upper head is surrounded by large bony crest. The hybrid has large red or dull yellow eyes resembling those of Earth’s reptiles that are set forward just above and to either side of very small nose. Mouth has thin lips that run from one side of head to the other. Ears are non-existent but there is extra-smooth, 3-inch (7.62 cm) circle on either side of head and just behind eyes. Skin is scaly like a crocodile, and green, yellow, brown or red in color. Small bony crest runs up middle of the back and is connected to larger crest found on top of head.

They are bipedal or walk on two legs and have a thin hand with six long, clawed fingers. Feet have five toes ending in small, very sharp, claws. Very small tail, thick like a crocodile’s that extends only to the feet. The male is shorter than female 8 to 10 feet tall. They sleep 5 to 8 hours. Their Language is coarse and guttural filled with deep growling and hissing noises. They communicate through telepathy and hear your thoughts. They tend to be very serious and humor is something they do not understand especially on earth as it is about another’s misfortune. Their energy is dense and intense their presence can cause nausea and dizziness. They are 3D entities going through their own ascension process and transformation. They want to be accepted as trusted members of our galaxy.

Their scout craft look like dew drops and like beetles; they vary from 100 to 400 feet (30.5 to 122 meters) in length. Mother ships range from 1 to 400 miles (1.6 to 640 Kilometers) long and look like large tadpoles.

Carians – The Carians are a race of birdlike Beings. At their most evolved state, the ruling class of the Carians resemble humans with eagle-like features and coloring. Like the original Felines, the Carians first arrived in this universe when it was being created. A group of 45 came at the request of the Founders of this universe to help assist and oversee the Universal Game. The Founders gave the Carians a new planet in the Orion constellation for their home. It was more tropical in design and featured an abundance of humid swamps and jungles. It also had more islands than large land masses. Like the Felines, they were etheric and, therefore, had to develop physical bodies from the life forms evolving on the planet’s surface. Of course they chose the life form that would become the bird and over a period of hundreds of thousands of years, they developed bodies of varying colors and sizes.

The Carians were known for their unique affinity towards colored plumage and so created physical bodies that reflected their creative talent in this area. That is why the Carians have much more variety of size, shape and color in their race than do the Felines. They can be 12 feet tall or only a few inches in height. Also like the Felines, a group of the original 45 Carians remained etheric and became a council that oversaw and managed the development of their brothers and sisters who chose to incarnate on the planet as part of the upgrading of their physical forms. When their physical vehicles had reached a certain level of development, they began genetic crossing (something they had learned from the Felines) with certain reptiles that had evolved in the swamps and warmer regions of the planet. The result of this genetic program was the creation of a new hybrid race known to us as the Draconians. They were part Carian and part reptile.

In time the Draconians became more abundant in the royal line of Aln than the purebred Carians. And like the Felines, eventually the House of Aln would be peopled more by Draconians, and their first derivative the flying serpents (Snakes), than Carians. By the time of the First Earth, Grand Experiment, the House of Aln was headed by a winged serpent known as Cobazar. Cobazar is the father of Jehowah. The Carians are known for their sharp analytical abilities and organizational skills. A predominant character trait of the Carians is their need to maintain a good appearance and image at all times. They are good team players as long as the team structure involves discipline and strictly adhered to codes of conduct. You will find a preponderance of Carians involved in the creation and maintenance of stargates, dimensional grids and magnetic fields through out our galaxy and universe. Their inherent analytical abilities make them well-suited for this kind of work. They are also known for their militaristic capabilities and their star ships are more advanced than any in the universe. They held the majority of the military posts during the First Earth, Grand Experiment. It was a Carian commander that ruled over the vast fleet of star ships and cruisers for the Lyran Galactic Federation, and the Royal Houses of Avyon and Aln.

Centurians – Location: The Constellation of Centaurus is located between the constellations of Lupus and Vela. It is best known for its brightest star, the triple star system of Alpha Centauri (also known as Rigel Kentaurus.) One of its triple stars is Proximi Centauri, which, at 4.3 Light Years, is the closest known star to Earth.

Distance From Earth: 4.3 to over 1,000 Light Years.

Life Form Type: A humanoid and a reptoid species.

Physical Appearance: The humanoid Centaurian closely resembles those humans now found on Earth. The male is very muscular and well-proportioned with blonde, brown, black or red hair. The eyes are either slightly Asian in shape, or are rounded, and are brown, black, blue, green or hazel in color. In height, males vary from nearly 6 feet to almost 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 meters.) Their skin color can be either a very dark brown or a slightly tanned white color. The female is also well-proportioned but less muscular, and ranges from 5 feet 5 inches to almost 7 feet (1.65 to 2.1 meters) tall.

The reptoid Centaurian has a very scaly lizard-like and muscular body. Its skin color is in patches of either green and blue, or red and green. The hands are narrower than a human’s and contain six digits which end in a razor-sharp, curved claw. The eyes are rounded and bulging with a reptoid-like vertical slit, and are either bright red or golden in color. There is no tail, but the feet have five long toes ending in the same curved claw. The female, at just under 8 feet (2.4 meters), is slightly taller.

Special Traits and Abilities: Centaurians are known for their abilities as great strategists and Federation Liaison Counselors. They excel at bringing groups of diverse sentient Beings together and at achieving their goals in a most peaceful and harmonious manner.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: 2 to 4 hours.

Language: Humanoid language is quite guttural like German, but tonal-sounding like Chinese. Reptoid language is extremely guttural and filled with sounds that are difficult for most humans to replicate.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Centaurians have two types of ships visible in Earth’s skies. The first ship is an all-purpose scout. It is bell-shaped, with a large lens-like circular wing attached to its underside. It is about 45 feet (14 meters) in diameter, and nearly 30 feet (9.1 meters) in height. The second is a command ship, shaped like a cigar with a small bulge in its middle, and is approximately 200 feet (over 60 meters) in length.

Draconians – The draconians are an extremely advanced extraterrestrial race. They were the amongst first of the new material races that manifested physical dimension. They were created by an ultraviolet group(energy race) of beings from Orion. This race had links in Sirius constellation. Being so old and being the direct creation of the ancients the draconians developed an extremely advanced culture. They were amongst the first of the material races to have intergalactic travel. They were even able to tap into the star gate system used and created by the original ancients. They even took credit for building the star gate system, that operates like doorways through space. The draconian group is extremely aggressive though unlike what alot of channlers have told you, they are not all negative. In fact most are not negative at all.

Dracos – The leader elite of the Reptilians are the ‘Draco’. They even have special ‘wings’, which are flaps of skin, supported by long ribs. These can be folded back against the body. They are also known as the “Dragon Race” and their symbology usually includes the Winged Serpent. Also known as the Mothmen. There are elements of their species which do not have wings — the “soldier class” of the species and ‘scientists’.

Feline – (Description 1) The Felines are one of the two primary races in our universe. They arrived here by invitation of the Founders. Having successfully completed their Universal Game and completing their universe, a group of 45 Felines volunteered to come to this universe to help setup and oversee the same game here. The Felines are a bipedal race that stand 12 to 16 feet tall. Their skin is covered by a sort of soft fuzz, and though they don’t have fur, they do have manes and both the males and females have long hair. Their eye color ranges from blue to gold and can change from blue to gold as they mature. They also turn from a golden brown color to white. The overall Feline temperament is warm, sanguine and intellectual. As they mature they take on more of a somber, introspective and gentle nature. The elders are revered for the wisdom, compassion and insight. As a race they are extremely close and have a great sense of fair play. The females are revered and honored in equal status with the males. And true to the feline way, they are all very curious and inquisitive.

As part of the Universal Game, the Founders gave the Felines a new planet in the Lyra Constellation for their home. The Felines named it Avyon. Now this is not the exact pronunciation, nor spelling, but it is close enough. The real name cannot be translated into English. Avyon was a paradise planet with mountains, lakes, streams and oceans. This blue planet was very much like our present earth in form and variety of vegetation and life forms. When the Felines arrived, they were in etheric form, and therefore, went through the stage of evolving a physical body in which to reside on the planet. After many millions of years they evolved the lion and other felines and began incarnating into those forms. As part of the plan, a portion of the original Felines stayed in etheric form to provide guidance to those incarnating. They would be the equivalent of your modern day Christos Beings. Remember, this was a 3D planet and once the etheric felines incarnated they would fall under the veil of amnesia that is part of the workings of a 3D planet of free will. As time passed, and through countless incarnation cycles, the Felines evolved a line of felines that walked upright and retained the consciousness of their etheric counterparts thanks to the periodic incarnations of some of the etheric Felines, and DNA from a bipedal mammal similar to the Ape, that was evolving on the planet as well. With the DNA from the ape-like mammal the Felines were able to take on a more human-like body while retaining most of the facial features and other characteristics of the feline. It was from this crossing when it reached a certain stage that the genetic line known as the Royal Line of Avyon, or House of Avyon, came into being. The etheric Felines would continue to take turns incarnating to provide not only DNA upgrading, but teaching and training in higher dimensional principals lest their planet bound brothers and sisters get stuck in the non-sentient animal incarnation cycle. As you can see, the Felines evolved on Avyon in much the same manner as Humans evolved here on Earth. The only difference is that the Humans did get stuck in the animal cycle.

In time the conscious Felines grew large enough in number to take on the responsibilities of planetary guardians of their home world. They continued to evolve and eventually developed the technology for space travel and then warp technology. Their etheric brothers and sisters continued to act as their guides. Many among them became geneticists (a Feline specialty) and began helping to develop life forms of various kinds for planets and stars in the universe. Some among them became great space explorers and scientists of various kinds. It was during this stage in their development that the Felines would turn their attention to that bipedal mammal they owed so much to, and begin a program of genetic crossing and upgrading that would give them a soul and, in the process create a new species that would become known as the Humans.

After numerous crossings and genetic upgrades, the Adamic Human was made. There were two strains, the redheaded strain being the more outgoing and energetic, and the platinum blonde strain being the more gentle-natured and introspective. After many thousands of years of continued careful crossing breeding, the Feline/Human hybrids began to be more common in the royal line of the Felines, The House of Avyon, than the purebred Felines were. Yet, this was the plan. In time the purebred Felines would become the ancient ancestors of the Humans with only their genetic traits as a reminder of the connection between them. And though the genetic relationship between the Felines and Humans has been forgotten by modern man, the Felines remain in our consciousness as a regal creature, worthy of our respect and love. The Felines remain the loving and supportive guardians of their genetic offspring, the Humans. They have continued in this role through time and all dimensions of the Universal Game.

Devin (Feline) is the reigning patriarch of the 9D Royal House of Avyon, and Anu (Human) is the reigning patriarch of the 5D Royal House of Avyon at this time.

(Description 2 – *Note, Link has Starseed info) Place of Origin: Originally these beings came from another universe. They are prominent in the Sirius Star System, but exist in other star systems as well.

Dimensional Perspectives: Exist from 3D on up to 12D

Appearance: Bipedal cats or human cat hybrids. Features are similar to Earth felines. Species have taken forms similar to Lions and others look more like our domestic cats with variety of coloration. They can be anywhere from 3-8’ tall.

Evolution: Evolved billions of years ago from quadruped cats to bipedal large cats. Developed higher senses and fine tuned psychic sensitivity as sentience rather than use of physical tools. Later feline species were genetically mixed with humans and have half human bodies with cat features such as tails and feline facial characteristics. These were created from a group of feline genetic engineers. Felines of 6D and higher are energy beings no longer requiring what we perceive as physical form, but they can shape themselves to appear as their original feline form.

Qualities: Curious, adventurous, creative, imaginative, organized, focused, planners, tenacious and intense yet capable of profound relaxation and deep meditation. Independent yet capable of forming close bonds to accomplish goals. While serious about their tasks, they can be quite playful, fun loving, and lighthearted.

Abilities: Highly psychic and telepathic, visionary, and advanced creators. Attune to frequencies and can mold energies to change environments with music, art, dance and theater among all other creative means. Able to connect with other forms of consciousness and co-create with ease.

Specialties: Higher dimensional forms are often galactic travelers and are called upon to shift energies in environments and spark creative flow and psychic abilities. They are also commonly galactic performers, sharing their creative energies in many artistic ways.

Basic Needs: Both comfort and stimulation. This is seen on all levels of development. They love exploring new nooks of the universe, but they enjoy doing it in comfort.

Focus: Personal growth and evolving consciousness and creativity. Felines find fulfillment in sharing their gifts to inspire new ideas and move energy in new directions or to establish states of tranquility.

Involvement with Earth: They seeded feline species on Earth in times of mammal evolution. Prominent in Atlantis/Lemuria and later in Ancient Egypt as guides to humans who sought celestial contact and assistance in developing extrasensory abilities and advances in creativity.

Guide for Humanity: Sekmet (9D ambassador collective). Revered as a god in Ancient Egypt.

Fomalhautans – Location: The brightest star in the constellation of Piscus Austrinus (the southern fish). Piscus Austrinus is found between the constellations of Aquarius and Grus.

Distance From Earth: About 23 Light years from Earth.

Life Form Type: Two members. First, a human rebel group from the Pleiades that first colonized Fomalhaut some 250,000 years ago, and who are now found on Fomalhaut’s third and fourth planets. Second, a smaller dinoid-reptoid group from Bellatrix in Orion, that colonized the second planet in this solar system some 200,000 years ago. The two parties created this Confederation after a series of very destructive wars that ended some 20,000 years ago.

Physical Appearance: The first variety of Fomalhaut humans closely resembles the so-called “Nordic” type of ETs, and are usually blonde with very blue, hazel or steel-gray eyes. Men are muscular, and around six feet (1.85 meters) tall. Woman are very buxom and range from 5 feet, six inches to just under six feet (1.68 to 1.83 meters) in height.

The second type is darker-skinned and looks almost tanned, with dark hair and brown, gray or black eyes. Same relative height and appearance as the first so-called “Nordic” type.

Dinoid-Reptoid inhabitants are a hybrid originally from the star Bellatrix in Orion. Very scaly and bony. Upper head is surrounded by large bony crest. Large red or dull yellow eyes (resembling those of Earth’s reptiles), are large and set forward just above, and to either side of, very small nose. Mouth has thin lips that run from one side of head to the other. Ears are non-existent: only sign of them is an extra-smooth 3-inch (7.62 cm) circle on either side of head and just behind eyes. Skin is scaly like crocodile’s and green, yellow, brown or red in color. Small crest of bony material runs up middle of back and is connected to larger crest found on the top of head.

Being is bi-pedal. Thin hand has six long, clawed fingers. Feet have five toes ending in small, very sharp claws. Very small tail, thick like crocodile’s, extends only to feet. Male is shorter than female. Bellatrician-like males on Fomalhaut range from 8 to 10 feet (2.44 to 3 meters) in height: females are 8.5 to 10.25 feet (2.6 to 3.12 meters) tall.

Special Traits and Abilities: Noted for prowess in all scientific endeavors. They now comprise a large part of the personnel of first major Science and Exploration Team sent to Andromeda (some 2 million Light years from our galaxy).

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: 2 to 6 hours daily.

Language: Human language is lyrical but guttural: Dinoid-Reptoid language is much more guttural.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Human scout ships are ovoid, like water drop about to fall from tap. They range from 60 to 85 feet (18.3 to 26 meters) in diameter. Mother ships look like huge multi-layered cigars and are from 2 miles to 1200 miles (3.2 to 1,920 kilometers) across.

Dinoid-Reptoid scout ships are shaped like huge beetles, approximately 100 feet (30.5 meters) in diameter. Mother ships are shaped like amoeba and are some 8 to 900 miles (13 to 14,400 kilometers) across.

Hathor – The Hathor are the most intelligent consciousness in this solar system. They reside on the planet Venus on the higher overtones of the 4th dimension. The Hathor range in height from 10-16ft tall and have an incredible knowledge of sound which they use as their primary means of interaction with reality. During the time of Ancient Egypt they were our primary mentors within the Left Eye of Horus Mystery School. Over time as we continued to drop in consciousness we could no longer see them. Only now are we starting to reconnect with these beings who are lovingly assisting us in the expansion of our consciousness.

Lyran – (Description 1) The constellation of Lyra contains many races from many star systems existing primarily in the 4th dimension. Long recognized in Earths mythology Lyra is attributed to be the cradle of galactic human expansion. Some of the races that come from Lyra include:

– Paschat – a humanoid with cat-like features and qualities.
– Caucasian Humanoids – light skin and light eye combinations with thin to muscular builds. Most of our genetic forefathers came from this category, although Earth humans contain a large mixture of extraterrestrial genetics from different influences.
– Darker Skinned Humanoids – skin color resembles a lighter chocolate brown, brown and green eyes with dark brown hair.
– Bird Like Humanoid – this race is not to be confused with birds, they are mammals whos features are very different from humanoid. They have bird like features and are very cool and intellectual. They do not take part in galactic politics and consider themselves to be scientists, explorers and philosophers.
– Lyran Redheads – a race with Celtic like qualities: red to strawberry blonde hair, very fair skin, very large in stature almost giant like. They actually gave rise to some Norse mythology in their interaction with Earth humans in the past.
– Vegans – from the Vega star system, the brightest star in the Lyra constellation. These beings have very dark skin, sometimes copper toned, with black hair. They have large dark eyes with one lid and their blood is green. There are also non humanoid races in the Vega system.

(Description 2 – *Note, Link has Starseed info) 1) Felines — the original progenitor race of this Universe — who are beautiful bipedal (standing) cats, and; 2) 6D through 12D Creators originally from the Vegan Star System of a planet called Lyra, but now live everywhere in the Universe, and; 3) Planners of many flagships and living planets, plus; 4) Cat-Beings who have a keen sense of fair play in all arenas, plus; 5) Sentients who believe that their young have more wisdom than elders.

Mantis – (*Note, Link has Starseed info) Place of Origin: These beings are from the Sombrero Galaxy or M104 which is 28 million light years from earth. Yes, in a galaxy far far away.

Dimensional Perspectives: Exist from 3D on up to 9D

Appearance: These are insectoid beings that have features similar to the Praying Mantis insects of Earth, but they stand upright and are at least 8-9 feet tall. Higher dimensional forms are energy beings that maintain their Mantis shape with colorful light.

Evolution: These beings evolved hundreds of millions of years ago on a planet of insects. They became the first to develop advanced self awareness. They developed the use of tools but in unison they became highly sensitive to sound and light and its reflection in colors. They used this special heightened awareness and became highly advanced in the connection and use of frequencies to change their environment and to communicate with each other and their surroundings. In their historical past, Mantis were matriarchal. They have strong female figures who dominated their cultures. Higher dimensional beings have created a more balanced arrangement with these energies. However, the feminine force is still regarded highly and one would not want to diminish this power with a Mantis around. And no decision is ever made without the female aspect first being taken in and it has the final say.

Qualities: Sensitive to sound, color, and vibrational nuances, luminous, spiritual, healers, graceful, fluid, artistic, penetrating, influential.

Abilities: The Mantis beings are masters with vibrations of sound and color. They use this mastery to heal and create. They are artists of universal light. They dance through frequencies and alter their surroundings as they do so. Mantis beings create bubble like force fields to travel through time and space. In lower dimensions they create living spherical ships of light. In higher dimensions they can send their light bodies in single bubbles of light across the universe.

Specialties: Mantis beings are called upon to give guidance and direction to assure high quality standards to all kinds of projects. They assure that the frequencies are appropriate and that the atmosphere and players are conducive to the particular outcome that is desired. They are like the mural painters and anthem singers of in the universe. They bring the right elements together.

Basic Needs: Fluidity and Admiration. Mantis beings need the flexibility to do their fluid dance and they truly love their work to be admired and the blessings of it to be received.

Focus: Weaving color and sound to create and enliven the light web of the universe.

Involvement with Earth: The Mantis are assisting, and in many ways overseeing, the Zeta Reticulan hybrid program, and human spiritual advancement project. Like the Zetas, they were asked by Galactic Councils to participate. They are assuring that universal principals are adhered to as well as giving their expertise in frequency alignment. They are the artists in the hybrid process, if you will. They are often seen in the background during abduction experiences. These are usually 4-5D Mantis beings, but they are tuned into guidance from their higher dimensional kin, who play a part in spiritually guiding them. Prior to this recent involvement, Mantis have had little to do with Earth, other than gifting the planet with the Praying Mantis insect that has since evolved into many glorious colors. These little creatures hold special energy of their Mantis parents. It is no wonder that they are revered by many and are often seen as positive omens.

Guide for Humanity: Kizmet (9D Mantis

Mintakans – Location: One of three bright stars in the famed Belt of Orion (The other two are AlNitak and AlNilam.)

Distance From Earth: Some 233 Light Years from Earth.

Life Form Type: Primarily an Amphiboid species; a few Reptoid and Dinoid hybrids live among them.

Physical Appearance: In many ways, Mintakans resemble the frogs and toads of Earth. There are, however, some major differences. They are mainly bipedal in stature. Their skin, smooth and hairless, is noted for its iridescent colors, which range from bright reds, oranges and greens, to yellows and browns.  Unlike those of Earth’s amphibians, the eyes are not too bulgy, but are quite large, ‘wraparound’ and bright red, orange or greenish-yellow in color. The nose consists of two small slits above a very thin set of lips. The mouth, when opened, is very large and frog-like. The ears are two small round circles on either side of the head.

The males, slightly smaller than the females, are between 7 to 8 feet (2.13 to 2.44 meters) in height. The females, slightly larger, range from 7.5 to 8.5 feet (2.29 to 2.59 meters) tall. Mintakans are also noted for a series of three small, thin, interconnected riles than run up their backs and end at the top of their heads.

Special Traits and Abilities: Noted for their great proficiency in psychology, as well as in all methods of mind manipulation. They have a great body of scientific knowledge and vast libraries of inner wisdom that go back over 15 million years.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: 4-6 hours per day.

Language: Sounds very tonal, but also very deep and guttural.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Almost mushroom-like in appearance: resemble the large spaceship at the end of the movie “Close Encounters”. Vary in size from 50 to 150 feet (15.2 to 46 meters) in diameter. Mother ships are very large, almost 100 to 1000 miles (160 to 1600 Kilometers) across. The larger ones are very self-sufficient and are usually kept only in deep space.

Pegasians – Location: The constellation of Pegasus is a vast cluster of over 1,000 stars, located between the constellations of Cygnus and Aquarius.

Distance From Earth: Between 200 and 3,000 light years.

Life Form Type: There are three major types of humanoids located in this star league. The first type strongly resembles the Sirian human in height and appearance and is divided into the same white and blue skin types. The second type is a thinner human type with red or orange skin. The final type is a hybrid formed from the dinoid and second humanoid race.

Physical Appearance: The first type resembles that of the original Sirius B humanoid colonists: the men vary from perfectly formed muscular physiques to child-like bodies, and are 6 feet, 6 inches to 7 feet, 4 inches (1.98 to 2.24 meters) in height, with blonde to light brown hair and light blue to green-colored eyes. The woman are extremely voluptuous in appearance and are 6 feet, 2 inches to 6 feet, 8 inches (1.88 meters to 2.03 meters) tall. They have either extremely pale white or light blue skin.

The second humanoid type slightly resembles the first in height and/or body types, except for two major differences. First, the skin, as well as the hair, is either a light red or a dark orange in color. Second, the eyes are more cat-like in appearance and the iris is either red or a dark blue. This group originally came from some of the more distant stars in the Lyra constellation.

The hybrid third type has a scaly type of skin with more pronounced cat-like eyes that are either red, brown or pale yellow. The body, legs, neck, and arms are more muscular than a human and have a number of thick vein-like protuberances running their length. Each hand and foot ends in 4 thin, long fingers or toes, with a small claw at its end. The males are some 7 to 8 feet (2.13 to 2.44 meters) in height, while the females range from 6 feet, 10 inches to 7 feet, 7 inches (2.08 to 2.31 meters) tall.

Special Traits and Abilities: The beings from Pegasus are known for their prowess as innovators, scientists, and diplomats.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: One and one-half to three hours, depending on the species.

Language: There are two types of languages spoken. One is slightly toned and harmonic-sounding, while the other is more guttural and coarse.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Three types of ships are operating in or near Earth. The first type is a defense ship that resembles a rounded equilateral triangle. Each of its sides is approximately 74 feet (22.56 meters) in length. The second type is a scout ship that is oblong in shape with an average diameter of about 85 feet (25.9 meters). The third ship is a double lens atmospheric command ship that is approximately 1300 feet (402 meters) in length.

Pleiadians – (Description 1) The Pleiadean star nations are very spiritually advanced cultures existing on the higher overtones of the 4th dimension. These beings closely resemble Earth humans although a lot taller with attractive physiques. Pleiadeans can be attributed to three known groupings: Nordic in appearance with fair skin, fair hair and green and blue eyes, Mediterranean in appearance with tanned skin and darker hair and eye combinations, and Native American in appearance with reddish to light brown tanned skin. There are a number of stars and planets within the Pleiadean system although most civilizations can be found within the Taygeta and Alcyone star systems. Pleiadean ancestry can be traced back to a home-world in the Constellation of Lyra. Pleiadeans also share a connection to the creation of mankind which is why they too are primary mentors guiding us and assisting us through this transition.

(Description 2) Hail from the Pleiades which is a small cluster of stars belonging to the constellation Taurus. There are seven stars in the cluster the brightest of which is the Fixed Star Alcyone. In astrology, this star equates with vision or the lack of it. This fits the Pleiadian theme, which is to help mankind move towards a higher spiritual destiny. The Pleiadians are humanoid in appearance often described as blonde or brunette and fair with striking blue eyes. They are believed to be the record keepers of the Earth and the caretakers of the Earth’s complete history from human evolution to the present time. The Pleiadians are thought to be moving humankind from the 3rd to 4th dimensions of reality. The Pleiades has always been an honored group of stars throughout occult history. For example, the temples on the Acropolis in Greece were aligned to the rising of the Pleiades.

(Description 3) 1) 5D and 6D humanoids as well as reptilian-humanoid hybrids (in gorgeous prismatic skin colors) from the planets surrounding the stars Targeta and Maia; 2) Soul-collective service-to-others beings who are artistic and sensual in nature, plus; 3) Beings who are masters of storytelling as well as inspired artistic ingenuity in both music and projected visualizations.

(Description 4 – *Note, Link has Starseed info) Place of Origin: The Pleiades Star Cluster.

Dimensional Perspectives: Exist from 3D to 9D

Appearance: Appear much like particularly beautiful Earth humans, with perfect bodies and pleasingly symmetrical features with a luminosity reflecting their higher dimensional frequency.

Evolution: Evolved millions of years ago as one of the early races of what we would call humankind and look like we do. This form has been modeled throughout the universe. Pleiadian DNA has been used to develop many human beings in this universe, including those of our solar system on Venus, Mars, Maldeck and Earth. There still exists newly developing 3D planets in the Pleiades, but the Pleiadians that communicate with us are usually 6D and 9D. These are dimensions they work well within and from which they contact other worlds. They have light bodies, yet like other higher dimensional ET beings, they can appear in a form that projects what they evolved from. Having a lot more time to evolve than we have, they have refined their natures and are intensely spiritual and giving beings.

Qualities: Intuitive, sensitive, imaginative, radiant, communicative, empathic, soothing, nurturing, mystical, understated creativity, healers, counselors, in tune with natural worlds.

Abilities: Pleiadians are healers on many levels. They can empathize and sooth all pains with their sensitive communication and transfer of light. They communicate by means of light transfer. These beings have a natural radiance that comes from their mystical knowing of how to connect and share Source light.

Specialties: Pleiadians are called upon to seed new worlds with the essence of evolved human form, and to commune with a planet’s consciousness and its existing life in order to introduce new beings and ideas in a nurturing way. They embody the divine feminine and often will show themselves in female form to radiate this refined quality.

Basic Needs: Peace and sharing. Pleiadians thrive in places and states of peace and tranquility. They feel best when they are sharing their refined essence.

Focus: Transferring their gifts of radiance throughout the universe through seeding and communicating their healing vibrations and mystical awareness.

Involvement with Earth: Provided genetic and energetic model for early human development. They are the missing link in our evolution to our current form. They were guides for Atlantis and Lemuria and have been involved in the nurturing of many life forms on Earth that began elsewhere, such as whales and dolphins. They are responsible for infusing awareness into the many methods of energy healing discovered by humans over the years. They are playing an important role in reinvigorating our beliefs in the mystical elements of our knowledge and helping us open to celestial contact in non threatening manners. They radiate light and soothing energy that we are able to feel because of our genetic link.

Guide for Humanity: Katara (of 6D Pleiadian Emissaries of Light collective)

Procyonans – Location: Just above the star Sirius in the evening sky. The brightest star in the Constellation of Canis Minoris, Procyon is a binary star with only the inner, or A, star having inhabitable planets. The Procyon-A star system consists of six relatively small planets. The human colony occupies the fourth planet, while the Amphiboid-Reptoid colonies are located on the second and third planets from the star.

Distance From Earth: About 11.4 Light Years from Earth.

Life Form Type: Two types of sentient Beings. The first is a pure Lyran-Sirian humanoid type. As on Sirius-B, they are either blue- or white-skinned and are fully conscious. Amphiboid-Reptoid hybrids are slightly taller than humanoids and have green-, brown- or blue-colored skins.

Physical Appearance: Galactic humans of Procyon are typical Lyran-Sirian in appearance and look like typical Earth humans, with two major differences. First, eyes are much larger and appear more alive: color ranges through shades of blue, green and brown. Two smaller ears are attached slightly lower on head. Second, top and rear of head is enlarged to accommodate a larger brain capacity. Like other Lyran-Sirian humans, males are about 6 feet, 6 inches (1.83 meters) to 7 feet, 4 inches (2.24 meters) in height. Well-proportioned females are 6 feet, 4 inches (1.93 meters) to almost 7 feet (2.13 meters) tall.

Amphiboid-Reptoid Beings possess a lizard-like body covered with scaly skin. Bulgy brown, yellow or red eyes are set far apart from very thin ridge-like nose that ends in two small slit-like nostrils. Eyes can move independently of each other. Ears are small 2-inch (5 centimeter) ovals set just behind each eye. Mouth is thin slit that runs from ear to ear. Almost round head is well-proportioned to rest of body. Small, well-defined neck. Very muscular body and appendices. Four thin, nail-less fingers. Three long toes end in long sharp claws. Very small tail looks like bump at base of spine. Slightly larger females range from 7 to 8 feet (2.13 to 2.44 meters) tall. More compact males are 7 to 7 feet, 8 inches (2.13 to 2.34 meters) in height.

Special Traits and Abilities: Noted as avid explorers and consummate scientists. Have led some of the most successful expeditions into previously unexplored parts of this and other galaxies.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: Humanoids require only about 1-2 hours: Amphiboid-Reptoids need about 3-4 hours.

Language: Humanoid language is very tonal, with few guttural sounds. Amphiboid-Reptoid language is tonal and guttural.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Mother ship and other craft: Scout craft of Procyon look like either large tear-drops, or like a large beetle, and range from 45 to 200 feet (13.72 to 61 meters) across. Deep space Mother ships are shaped like either huge snowflakes or enormous jellyfish, and are from 100 to 4,000 miles (161 to 6,440 kilometers) long.

Reptilian –  The Reptilians are the creation of the Carians, their parent race. They evolved on a planet in the Alpha Draconi star system of the Orion Constellation. The royal line of Reptilians are the Draconians, the winged dragons. The name of their royal line is the House of Aln. This is not the exact spelling, but it is close. It is more like Oln or Ahln. Still, keeping this in mind, the Council requested I spell it Aln. The Reptilians have two other major sub races. They are known as the Winged Serpents (Snakes) and the Lizards called by some, the Lizzies. The Reptilians are less emotional that their Human counterparts. Yet they have a highly refined knowledge of universal physics and laws. The Reptilians are responsible for the Mystery Schools on Earth and their teachings are from the ancient knowledge held by their parent race, the Carians.

Sirian – (Description 1) The binary star system of Sirius is at the core of many calendars, texts and sacred knowledge of many ancient, advanced civilizations such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Sumeria and many indigenous tribes around the globe. The Sirian star system is home to a wide variety of 4th dimensional sentient life forms. Humanoid Sirians trace their lineage back to the Vega star system in the Constellation of Lyra. The two humanoid races from Sirius are very tall ranging from 10-16 ft in height. Originally there was a very dark skinned race and a light white skinned race of humanoids which have since merged together. The cetacean home-world can also be found on the third planet out from Sirius-B.

Lost History: According to Drunvalo Melchizedek and Thoth, the Sirians fathered the human race some 200,230 years ago. 16 males and 16 females who comprised a married family, traveled to Earth from Sirius B. They merged with the Nephilim (third dimensional race from Nibiru, another planet in our solar system). After a lengthy process spanning some 2,000 years through the merging of consciousness, select Nephilim women gave birth to the first Earth human beings.

(Description 2) Sirians from Sirius A: 1) 6D – 8D hybrids with a variety of humanoid, canine, and fox-like appearances resulting from tremendous dna manipulation, as well as; 2) Star races who are experts in bodily implant-device-tracking over eons of time, plus; 3) Beings well-versed in hyper-advanced bio-technology and organic holographic realities, and; 4) Sentients who are well-known across the Universe for their senses of humor, and their love of practical jokes.

Sirians from Sirius B: 1) Nektons of hyper-intelligent water beings — called Chloglians, who look like Cetaceans (dolphins, whales, and orcas) of Earthshan — whom group-think within pods, and; 2) Chloglian-humanoid hybrids, who are bipedal in shades of pale blues and greens, and; 3) Higher dimensional Sentients who reside in and upon many planets to raise vibrations, plus; 4) Playful and loving group-consciousness beings, known for their intricate songs, and also; 5) Advanced Beings who can live as numerous souls (called a pod) within one biological entity, such as a whale or orca.

Spican – (Description 1) Spica is a star in the constellation of Virgo. An alternative name for this star is Alpha Virginus. Spicans do not incarnate here very often. Spicans are the bringers of enlightenment, they are highly evolved as a group and hold the codes of enlightenment. Enlightenment means reaching a state of bliss that is beyond all human suffering and it is a state that usually requires a completely balanced aura. Spicans are not only teaching us about enlightenment – they themselves are also learning about how human beings reach this state. Their lives may seem to be a big experiment in how one can become enlightened. They might not do this through taking the role of a ‘spiritual teacher’ or the like, instead they often struggle in their lives – but it’s all with the purpose of showing us (and them) more about how enlightenment can be reached here. Spicans are very non-judgmental with a ‘live and let live’ kind of attitude. They are also visionaries who can see the bigger picture behind understanding. Because of their neutrality, they appear detached and aloof to others, or as if they don’t care. However, this isn’t the case. They just have a lot of respect for the choices that others make and they have faith that other souls know exactly what they are doing, on a karmic level. Spica was a lot different from Earth as a place of incarnation in that Spicans existed in a higher dimension and had light bodies that were very different from the physical bodies that we have here. Unlike planet Earth, Spica was not densely populated and so Spicans had a lot of energetic ‘room’ in which to grow and evolve. As a result, Spicans still bring this sense of spaciousness and space to their interactions with others. They are able to hold a clear space for others in their interactions, where others are able to see their own ‘stuff’ and projections, like a mirror.

Some Spicans can be uncomfortable with all the energetic ‘noise’ that comes from so many people incarnated and living together in a small geographical area. They may find that they need to spend a lot of time alone or in nature to recharge their batteries and clear their energy.

(Description 2 – *Note, link has more info about Starseeds) Spica is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo. Spicans as starseed souls are very rare, probably not exceeding a few thousand souls on Earth.

On their home planet, Spicans lived as light bodies. The living environment there was far less dense than that of the Earth and also populated sparsely. The dense, crowded, and busy environment is very hard for Spicans, and many Spicans intuitively prefer to live in a quiet area outside of town.

Tau Cetians – Location: Closest star to Earth in Constellation of Cetus (the Whale).

Distance From Earth: Approximately 11.8 Light Years.

Life Form Type: Sentient inhabitants are a galactic humanoid and a bear-like mammaloid.

Physical Appearance: Galactic humanoids closely resemble humans from Constellation of Hercules. Three major skin colors: brown (including a copper tone), red, and green (light and dark). Brown-skinned humans have light brown to copper-colored hair, or black to red-orange hair. Eyes range from greens and blues to browns and grays. Males are very well-proportioned and 7 feet to 8.5 feet (2.13 to 2.59 meters) tall. Women range from just over 6.5 feet to almost 8 feet (1.98 to 2.40 meters) in height. Green-skinned humans have light green to blonde or brown hair with green, hazel or steel-blue eyes, and are the same relative heights as brown-skinned humans. Red-skinned humans have red, orange or blonde hair with red, brown or dark blue eyes, and are also the same size as the other two types of humans. In all cases, females are quite buxom.

Bear-like mammaloids of Tau Ceti are huge, furry Beings with small furry tails and bear-like bodies covered in brown, black or blonde fur. Heads are bear-shaped but with a smaller muzzle. Teeth resemble those of a galactic human rather than of an Earth bear. Eyes are set forward and, like those of humans, are brown, blue or black. Ears, at the side of the head just above the eyes, resemble those of Earth’s bears. Highly sentient Beings walk on two legs, hence have a higher center of gravity than bears on Earth. Two muscular arms with paw-like hands containing five stubby claw-laden fingers. Very muscular legs end in very short feet with five stubby toes. Range in height from 9 to 12 feet (2.74 to 3.66 meters).

Special Traits and Abilities: Known for their abilities to design some of most advanced ships in Galactic Federation’s exploration fleets. Also considered some of best pilots and navigators in galaxy.

Average amount of sleep needed: Both species require only 1 to 2 hours per day.

Language: Human language is very guttural, like German or Arabic. Bear-like Being’s language sounds similar, but is deeper and more guttural.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Scouts are huge, diamond-shaped, plasma craft about 200 to 250 feet (61 to 76.2 meters) long. Mother ships are usually the command ships of Galactic Federation exploration fleets. They look like a series of multi-layered blood cells in stacks of 20 to 50 cells, and vary from 4 miles to 44 miles (6.44 to 70.84 kilometers) in diameter.

Vegan – Relatively peaceful and gentle humans descended from refugees from the ‘Lyran Wars’, who work closely with other refugee-colonists now living in the Pleiades, Wolf 424, and elsewhere. Often described as “dark skinned Orientals” similar to the native residents of the nation of India.

Vega is the alpha [or brightest] star in the constellation of Lyra, even though it is actually closer to Earth than it is to the other star systems in the Lyran constellation. Vega was one of the first Lyran civilizations to develop a unique and cohesive identity which assisted in seeding and colonizing many systems, including Altair, Centauri, Sirius and Orion.

Physical Characteristics of the Vegans:

Standard Vegan: 6 to 7 feet tall, darker skin (sometimes copper-toned), non-Caucasian, black hair, very large eyes with dark pupil and iris and one lid. Blood is green.

“Non-Human”-Type Vegans: humanoid or mammal, yet their appearance is more insect-like or reptilian. Their skin is dark, sometimes even with a green or brownish tinge.

Zeta Reticulans – Are native to the star system Zeta Reticuli. They are commonly known as “greys.” The “Z’s” do not hold a good reputation amongst humankind and are the alien race most often reported to be responsible for abductions. They also spend the most time of all the alien races inter-mingling with humans because of their DNA experiments and attempts to sustain their own race through the use of human hosts for procreation. Z’s stand two to four feet high and are very slender and delicate looking. The head is large with a pointed chin, black slanted eyes are a hardly visible mouth and nose. They have three to four fingers and the skin tone ranges from grey to tan.

Stars/Planets & Constellations

In this section, I have provided a collection of various pictures of stars, planets, and constellations. This information can be used to sense whether you feel a connection to a particular star, planet, constellation, or galaxy. Some of you may already have an idea of where you feel a connection either from reading the previous section of Galactic Races or from other sources. These visual aids then may serve to confirm or strengthen the connection you feel. For those of you who did not feel a connection to any of the Galactic Races discussed previously, these pictures may help to point you in the right direction of where you should focus your search. However, these visual aids will also serve other purposes. Take the time to connect to each picture… What do you feel? What information comes to you? Can you sense what the environment is like there? What does the sky look like? Is there water? What is that like? What does the land look like? If you were standing on that planet, what would you see if you looked up at the sky? Can you sense the people who inhabit these places? Can you sense any animal life there? Are there buildings or housing structures? What do they look like? These are some of the many questions you can reflect upon when viewing these images. I have intentionally left out descriptions of the environment of these places so that you can try to see what information you can receive on your own. But, I encourage you to search for this information after you have taken time to meditate and reflect on these images, as this can both serve to help you to confirm what you’ve been able to sense and this can also help to provide you with additional information you may not have sensed. And, in doing this you may find more clues that will help to spark your memory. Once again, I will not have a complete list of stars, planets, constellations, or galaxies, but I have tried to provide a variety of them. As always, I encourage you to seek beyond what I have shared here with you! There are many astronomy, observatory, and other similar sites out there where you can find real pictures of stars, planets, constellations, and galaxies. Of course, you can also view digital depictions of these, however, I personally feel that there would be a stronger connection to viewing actual images, if possible. For this example, you can view the images by going here:

Additional Information And Conclusion

I’d like to talk to you a little bit about some other things that you may wish to keep in mind. Aside from the meditation you may do while you are trying to connect to the information that you come across and any mediation you do in general, you may also want to keep in mind that there are other mediation techniques and guided meditations which can serve to help you to remember. It may prove useful to you to explore these other techniques and guided meditations. Even connecting with other forms of energy, such as the Merkaba meditations could also prove useful. Striving to expand your energy channels and chakras(I would also include making sure your energy channels and chakras are clear), as well as gaining the skills to use other forms of energy, can help you to obtain a better connection to receiving the information that is available to you. It will also, of course, help with your spiritual advancement and add to your knowledge. But, it may also serve as a connection to your true self. For example… I am Christed. Once one has been Christed, they can never not be Christed. They will always be Christed. However, I am going through the process of being Christed again in my physical body here. In doing this, I am bringing another aspect of my true self into this physical body. Thus, connecting more with my true self. Likewise, you just may come across a certain energy you may be familiar working with. Or perhaps remembering how to use certain abilities, such as telepathy. This could also serve as a connection for you. I also enjoy doing the language of light activations from Sadaka(he goes by newaeonawakening on YouTube) he has such a wonderful energy! I do also encourage you to use your intuition and your gift of discernment when you are exploring other forms of energy and different techniques to work with. Before working with something that you may be unfamiliar with, it would be a good idea to try to sense whether this is something that would be beneficial for you.

Another thing that you may wish to keep in mind is the usefulness of keeping a journal which documents all of your progress and any impressions you may receive along your journey. If you choose to do this, it could be very helpful to you, as you will not have to be concerned that you may forget something. Every detail, no matter how small, will be there for you. And reading over your journal can make it easier for you to connect certain pieces of the puzzle together or even bring forth new insights. You may also find that some of the things you write down that you did not understand at the time, you may be able to make sense of later on. Of course, it is also wonderful for you to be able to see how far you’ve been able to progress on your journey!

And now, I would like to encourage any of our Brothers and Sisters who may be reading this, those who remember who they are and where they come from, to please share any tips or advice they feel may be useful for those who are still searching! Also, please share your experiences of how you came to remember where you come from here too! I’m sure our Brothers and Sisters who are still searching would love to hear about this and any tips or advice you may be able to offer! Personally, I always find these stories enjoyable to read! Anything you can think to contribute could help our Brothers and Sisters! I thank you all for taking the time to read this! And I wish you many blessings on your journeys of self-discovery! Much Love ❤

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By salemuria